Fritzøe Engros AS has become an Eco-lighthouse

Fritzøe Engros AS has worked for the past number of years with a focus on the environmental and sustainability aspects of their products, and now stocks several hundred certified and eco-labelled items.

For many years, Fritzøe Engros AS has seen the importance of focusing on ethical trade, tracability in the supply chain and documentation of such. Fritzøe Engros was FSC®-certified in 2016, and PEFC™-certified already in 2014.

Now the Eco-lighthouse certificate is also hanging on the wall

The Eco-lighthouse certificate attests that the certified organisation takes corporate social responsibility, systematically works with consideration for the environment, and implements measures to ensure more environmentally friendly operations as well as a better working environment. The Eco-lighthouse certification is approved as environmental documentation in tender rounds, and is recognised by the authorities in Norway and the EU with regards to governmental purchase.
”The office in Larvik was certified in November 2020, and the office in Åndalses was approved in January. We are proud that Fritzøe Engros’ environmental standards satisfy the Eco-lighthouse criteria”, says the Environmental Coordinator Tine O. Fauskanger, who has led the process.

”It is no small feat”

Larvik Mayor Erik Bringedal.
Photo: Larvik Municipality

The mayor of Larvik Erik Bringedal has high praise for Fritzøe Engros AS for achieving the goal of satisfying the strict requirements of the Eco-lighthouse.
”It is not just a matter of ticking a box for Fritzøe Engros, claiming that ’we have done it’. This is a tool that shows that Fritzøe Engros both can and wish to work holistically and systematically to contribute towards a green future, and this helps all of us in working towards the ambitious demands of the Paris Agreement. It is no small feat to accomplish, that Fritzøe Engros is now part of the scheme, so they truly deserve congratulations”, says Bringedal.
”Larvik Municipality was, back in the day, a participant in the creation of the Eco-lighthouse scheme, and it therefore brings with it an added element of pride and prestige when a Larvik company satisfies the strict requirements”, he adds.

”We are in constant development”

Environmental Coordinator Tine O. Fauskanger.
Photo: Fritzøe Engros AS

Fritzøe Engros AS has set itself the goal of being the natural choice of distributor for customers in the wood-based construction industry and in the building supplies retail sector, which has stringent requirements for the environmental and sustainability aspects of their products.
”Fritzøe Engros is going to step into the future with awareness around our business’ impact on the environment, and shall continuously work to reduce the negative effects of such. Through becoming Eco-lighthouse certified, we have visible proof that we take responsibility, and a concrete tool for mapping and working with improvements in the areas of working environment, refuse disposal, energy use, purchasing and transport”, explains Environmental Coordinator Tine O. Fauskanger.

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