Press release: Fritzøe Engros AS to acquire Hardstuff AS

Fritzøe Engros AS has entered into an agreement to purchase all shares in Hardstuff AS. Hardstuff had a turnover of €6.5M in 2020, and is one of the market leaders within the composite decking segment (Fiberon) in Norway. Hardstuff also sell bamboo decking (Moso) and Abet facade.

The acquisition will come into effect on the 4th of January 2021.

CEO Espen Randsted/Fritzøe Engros AS. CEO Tor-Ivar Frey/Hardstuff AS.

A good match

CEO Espen Randsted of Fritzøe Engros AS looks forward into joining forces with Hardstuff AS:
”Hardstuff is a well-run company, and over time we have been aware that Hardstuff has a strong position in the market, and we are confident that their profile and brand will match our profile and expansion strategy.”
CEO Tor-Ivar Frey of Hardstuff AS agrees, and adds:
”I am confident that Hardstuff will be taken well care of and strenghtened as a result of Fritzøe Engros AS’ position within the Norwegian market.”

Market leader Fritzøe Engros AS and Hardstuff AS both provide high quality decking. A consequence of the acquisition is a more complete selection and strengthened distribution to the Norwegian construction retail market.

Market leader

As a result of the acquisition, Fritzøe Engros AS will become the market leader within the segment of high-end decking with reduced need for maintenance:
”We see a huge potential by being able to deliver a complete range in the ’high-end’ segment of the decking market, where both our products will complement each other in a beneficial way”, smiles Randsted.
”We have huge respect for how Hardstuff has built up their position in this segment, and we look forward to participating in further development”, Randsted sums up.

Contact for any questions:

Espen Randsted, CEO Fritzøe Engros AS:
911 53 828 /

Tor-Ivar Frey, CEO Hardstuff AS:
980 30 033 /