About Fritzøe Engros

Norway's leading distributor to the construction industry and retail chains.

In Hammerdalen, where the Farris river flows down toward the sea, there was a sawmill already in the 14th century.

This was the start of a now over 600 year industrial history.  Where once one drove planks out by horse and cart, or dragged them away with raw muscle power, today 3000 lorries per year roll out with the best products from around the world that the lumber industry has to offer.

Fritzøe Engros AS today offers Norway's widest range of wood board products, solid wood flooring, terrace floors and quality lumber, and serves two markets; the retail market on the one hand and industry on the other.

With over 60,000 m3 warehouse capacity in Larvik and Åndalsnes, Fritzøe Engros AS serves the whole of Norway.

A responsible player.

For many years, Fritzøe Engros has worked methodically and objectively to ensure ethics and traceability throughout the whole product chain.

Fritzøe Engros is regularly in dialogue with the Norwegian authorities, national & international certification bodies and other business actors. Fritzøe Engros' goals are that the Norwegian construction industry shall be green, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and that it shall take into consideration global and local environmental challenges as well as biodiversity. This is reflected and secured through our supply routines and practical work. 

Fritzøe Engros is FSC certified, PEFC certified, adheres to the EU's Timber Regulation (EUTR), and adheres to the UN and ILO convention's framework. 

Fritzøe Engros in 2020

In total we are 67 employees who have a daily focus to fulfil our customers' expectations. With an effective warehouse capacity of approx. 60,000 m3 and predictable logistical solutions, we can guarantee a very high standard of service. Our product expertise means that we, together with our customers, are able to find the best solutions.

Together with CEOS AB, Ljungberg Fritzøe & DLH, Fritzøe Engros comprises a Scandinavian conglomerate which is owned by Treschow Fritzøe. The conglomerate's total turnover was approx. 2.5 billion NOK in 2019. 


According to Bisnode, Fritzøe Engros AS scores a maximum AAA Credtit Worthiness Ranking, "showing a strong financial structure and no significant registered payment remarks associated with the entity".


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